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Altronix Power Supplies and More

Altronix Power Supplies

New Old Stock  NOS
new but no factory warranty- box may show shelf wear
90 Day Warranty!

2 Altronix AL600ULACM  NOS                       $250.00
 1 Altronix AL1012ACM  NOS                          $250.00

 1 Altronix AL400ULX  NOS                             $170.00

 1 Altronix AL600ULX   NOS                            $190.00

 1 Altronix AL400ULM   NOS                            $210.00

 1 Altronix AL1012UL  NOS  worn box             $250.00

 1 Altronix AL600UL ADA RED  New no box   $250.00

used - no box - tested - Same 90 day warranty

 1 Altronix AL600ULM                                          $150.00

 1 Altronix AL600UL ADA RED  Cabinet            $150.00

 1 Alarm Saf PS2402UL-4

 1 Alarm Saf PS5-240470-B04-UL

Wholesale, Retail - Low Cost Cheap Bargain Discount Sale Price Lowest Price Best Price on Factory Overstock, Surplus, Returns, Refurbished, obsolete, discontinued, Unclaimed Freight (No Damaged Freight) non stock .  Please call or email me for a quote. If I can't get it, I can get you in touch with a certified Software House dealer distributor installer in your area.  Compare price and products.

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