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Misc. Parts, Cards and Readers

I Warranty EVERYTHING for 90 days.  
               WSE Westinghouse / Schlage / Honeywell
          Nexsentry, ProWatch, NexWatch WSE or SE5850

1050 Command Key   
SE1050 1050 Command Key  Mostly "W" logo  

  743     SE1050 Cards                                 $12.00 ea.


SE1060 1060 Command Key
289     SE1060   Mostly "W" logo         $12.00 each
                More Available if needed

 SE1030 1030 Command Key  

 149 ea  Used SE1030 with various logs $12.00 each
 Facility Code A342   Good Condition

  329 ea  Used SE1030   $12.00 each  
  Facility Code B372   Good Condition

  270 ea  Used SE1030   $8.00 each   
  Facility Code C242  Cards in this batch are worn and not pretty.

               500 ea    WSE DuraKey    Used          $5.00 each


     Controllers and Power Supplies

                     All of this equipment is USED
                   unless stated new               
   6 ea    
NEXSentry 4100 Controller                  $750.00
 12 ea    NEXSentry MIRO 16/8                          $500.00
 14 ea    NexStar AD4305 RS-485 Multiplexer    $150.00    
   2 ea    NexStar AD4305 RS-485 Multiplexer    $225.00    

  6 ea        WSE Westinghouse Alto 818SC        $1,575.00 
  1 ea        WSE Westinghouse Alto 818SX        $1,500.00 
  1 ea        WSE Westinghouse Alto 818SX        $1,500.00 
1 ea
       WSE Westinghouse Alto 818SC with one bad relay     

     1 ea       Schlage/Westinghouse 808S    (Y2K)    $950.00       
     2 ea       Schlage/WSE  808SN  (NOT Y2K)        $950.00       

    15  ea        WSE Westinghouse Used 2814A Sensor    $175.00 
   1 ea        WSE Westinghouse NEW 2815A Sensor    $295.00
      5 ea        WSE Westinghouse Used MSM774            $225.00 
    16 ea        WSE Westinghouse Used MSM774-A          $245.00 
     2 ea        WSE Westinghouse Used 778 Annunciator   $675.00 
      2 ea        WSE  Used 3018 Power Supplies                 $375.00  
      2 ea        
WSE  3718S power supply -                      $1,175.00
      2 ea        WSE  Used 902-PI Power Inserter                $675.00  

     1 ea        Schlage  Used 3708 (12VDC)Power Supply  $800.00  
     1 ea        Schlage  Used 3708 (24VDC)Power Supply  $800.00 

2714 2714-A 2815 2815-A 

   Digital Readers

     1 ea        WSE DR5208S    Used                   $150.00
     3 ea        WSE SE422NK    Used                   $275.00 ea
     2 ea        WSE SI-2 SI-1      New                    $450.00 ea
   16  ea        WSE AD4302 Data Line Adaptor Round

   Northern Computers
  All Northern Equipment is USED

     8 ea        N-1000-II  in Blue Cabinet                        $250.00 ea
     5 ea        N-1000-IV in White Cabinet                      $875.00 ea
    6  ea       N-485-API-2  board                                    $50.00 ea


19 ea  Sentrol 2507AH High Security Armored Balanced Door Switch  $45.00 ea           
            with 1094 Gate Mount Kit  includes 1941L and 1942L Brackets
10 ea.   Gate Mount Kit  includes 1941L and 1942L Brackets   $10.00




Folger Adam Electric Strikes
140 ----- click on Folger Adam Button

Data Sheet

  25 ea.  631-AL Extreme Duty Push Button NEW in Box  $60.00
             (631 x AL  Exit x DPDT x STANDARD)
  Data Sheet
                ID Badge Printers
ZEBRA P210i ID Badge Printer (used)      $600.00
Polaroid P-75  ID Badge Printer (used)      $600.00

            Alarm Lock  

2 ea  Siren Lock PG21E  Exit Alarm     $95.00 ea. 
These are like the PG21 with extended options
These are brand new in the box.  Shelf dated.  Will need new 9V battery.
These do not include the Key and Cylinder.
They require a Mortise Cylinder.

Please Check Out the Sensormatic Page






        Also, Corbin Russwin, Schlage, Von Duprin etc hardware can be ordered at up to 40% off List.    Discounts depend on volume.  Single item discount is 25% off list.






       Please ask about repair, exchange or advance replacements.

   Wholesale, Retail - Low Cost Cheap Bargain Discount Sale Price Lowest Price Best Price on Factory Overstock, Surplus, Returns, Refurbished, obsolete, discontinued, Unclaimed Freight (No Damaged Freight) non stock .  Please call or email me for a quote. If I can't get it, I can get you in touch with a certified Software House dealer distributor installer in your area.
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