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Software House Sensormatic Equipment



Lots of Surplus Software House Surplus equipment!
90 Day Warranty on everything listed on this page.

If you need something that is not on my site, please email me with part number and manufacturer and I will see if I can get it.

                              Software House Software

I do not have software in stock and I can not purchase software at this time.  I may be able to help you find a Software House Dealer in your area.
                     iStar Ultra  - USTAR Panels

The basic USTAR requires CCURE9000 Software and will not run on CC800
The basic USTAR is in a rather large wide cabinet and does not include a power supply.

They are not available with an internal power supply.

An external supply like the Software House apS (Non RoHS) or the newer PSX-75-E1-E is required.

There are many versions of the PSX-75 and the PSX-75-E1-E is the one I see recommended most often. 

Please check with your bid documents or customer’s needs to see if a different model is required.

The SE models will run on either CC800 or CC9000
SE mode (Pro Mode) makes the panel look like an iStar Pro and allows it to be used with CC800.
SE models are available with or without an internal power supply      in the same cabinet.
If ordered as -NPS, an external supply is required.
The USTAR SE  cabinet is about the size of the iSTAR Pro cabinet.

Part Number



Your Cost


iSTAR Ultra, 8 readers, w/enclosure, no PSU




iSTAR Ultra, 16 readers, w/enclosure, no PSU








iSTAR Ultra SE, 8 readers, w/enclosure, with 5A PSU




iSTAR Ultra SE, 16 readers, w/enclosure, with 5A PSU




iSTAR Ultra SE, 8 readers, w/enclosure, no PSU




iSTAR Ultra SE, 16 readers, w/enclosure, no PSU




Rack Mounted




iSTAR Ultra GCM in 2U Rack Mount Enclosure GCM, 12VDC input. Supports up to 32 readers with addition of ACMs, IP-ACMs and/or Aperio or Schlage wireless locks




ISTAR Ultra SE ACM in 4U Rack Enclosure, Supports up to 8 readers








iSTAR Ultra GCM board




iSTAR Ultra ACM board, 8 readers.Standard, NOT SE




iSTAR Ultra SE ACM board, 8 readers




New in factory box

  iSTAR PRO  16 with Two ACM8    RoHS        
                STAR016W-64A               Special Sale Price  $6,600.00
           STAR016W-64ANPS         Special Sale Price   $6,400.00

  iSTAR PRO   8 with One ACM8   RoHS         
                   STAR008W-64             Special Sale Price  $5,200.00
                   STAR008W-64ANPS     Special Sale Price  $5,000.00


 GCM Module StarGCM-64MBA New RoHS            $3,800.00 ea.

6 ACM8-WA  new    RoHS  STAR-ACM8A           $1,860.00 ea.
   ACM Special Sale Price  while they last  $1,400.00
    2 ACM8-WA USED
STAR-ACM8-WA RoHS            $1,200.00 ea.

Used iStars
1 iStar Pro 8 RoHS  NPS  used boards new cabinet   $4,000.00
                    New Cabinets may have minor imperfections

1 iStar Pro 8 RoHS  NPS  used boards used cabinet  $3,700.00
2 GCM Module StarGC64MBA used RoHS               $3,100.00 ea.
2  iSTAR Rack Mount STAR016-4URM USED      $4,900.00
    (These have some scratches but test perfect)
2  ACM8-WA  USED   RoHS    STAR-ACM8-WA      $1,200.00

1  iSTAR Classic (NOT PRO)with Two ACM                                $2,100.00
1  ACM8-W Classic (not WA, has piggyback relay board)            $700.00 

1  iSTAREX 4 Reader with power supply NEW     $5,488.00

1  iSTAREX 4 Reader with power supply USED     $4,000.00

The cabinets have knockouts punched and one has significant scratches.  New cabinets can be ordered with these for $200 extra. 

                 iStar Edge
                                      Stock Varies Rapidly

  ESTAR002  iSTAR EDGE 2 Door Controller with cabinet

    New in Factory Box   RoHS       $1,240ea.
    2 Week Lead Time,  Rush 2-3 days

   ESTAR004  iSTAR EDGE 4 Door Controller with cabinet
    New in Factory Box   RoHS      
    2 Week Lead Time,  Rush 2-3 days

   ESTAR004-RM  iSTAR EDGE 4  Door Controller with cabinet
      (Includes 2 RM-4 Reader Modules on iside of lid)

    New in Factory Box   RoHS       $1,987.00 ea.
    2 Week Lead Time,  Rush 2-3 days



Used Tested and guaranteed for 90 days
Used cabinets may have scratches
These include a used Cabinet
These prices are for non-RoHS motherboards.  
For RoHS, add $500.00 to these prices.
For used boards in Factory Fresh Cabinets, add $250 to these prices.
                    ------    Used Non-RoHS   ------
2  apC/8X  AS0100-004MB  NPS  Used -            $1,550.00 ea.
2  apC/8X  AS0100-008MB  NPS  Used -            $1,850.00 ea.
0  apC/8X  AS0100-016MB  NPS  Used -            $3,155.00 ea.
     (4 Meg are Special Order- 2 weeks delivery)

NPS means it does not have the small power supply in the cabinet.  I can add one for $195.00.

Used MotherBoard Only  
  7 apC/8X   AS0100-004MB Board 1 MEG             $1,300.00 ea.
  1 apC/8X   AS0100-004MB Board 1 MEG RoHS             $1,700.00 ea.  .
  1 apC/8X AS0100-008MB Board  2 Meg               $1,900.00 ea.
  3 apC/8X AS0100-008MB Board  2 Meg   RoHS  $2,200.00 ea.
  1 apC/8X AS0100-016MB Board  4 Meg               $2,800.00 ea.
4  power cable for apC/8X motherboard Used          35.00 ea.
2  Cabinet Power Supply AS0060-00     USED        195.00 ea.
    (no battery backup capability)  

I don't have new in stock but they are $1,395.00 2 week delivery

(same as apC/L or apC/Lite AS0101-003, AS0101-NPS)

USED In Stock

 1 apC/L AS0101-003 with Transformer  Used       $1,160.00 ea.
 3 apC/L AS0101-NPS NO Transformer  Used       $1,100.00 ea.
 1 apC/L AS0101-MB Motherboard Only Used       $975.00 ea.
 2 apC/L    Empty Cabinet  (NEW)                          $125.00 ea.
 2 new empty cabinets 

       Power Supplies

apS  AS0063-00  AS0063-01 AS0063-03

I have some old stock on hand:
 4   apS Power Supply NEW  AS0063-01(no Battery)$450.00 ea. 

1   apS Power Supply.     Used                                 $300.00 ea.  

                                         RM-4 Modules   
  8 New Style RM-4 with screws (New)  RoHS          $255.00 ea.
  2 New Style RM-4 with screws (USED)  RoHS          $215.00 ea.
30  Used Old Style RM-4  Press on connectors        $195.00 ea.   
      (pins and Molex Block included)                     Sale $175.00 ea.

 6 RM-DCM-2 w/RM-4E  Board.    NEW - Non-RoHS     $425.00
 2   RM-4E  Board only  NEW  RoHS                               $330.00

 RM Readers

  1   NEW  RM2-PH   Prox  Reader                       $845.00 ea.
       (2 week lead time)
  3   RM2L-PH     RoHS                                         $1048.00 ea.                        
 12   NEW  RM2L-4000  Multi-Tech Reader with LCD $900.00 ea.
        (Can be used as replacement for RM2L-PH)
          (This is a Multi Tech Reader and if multi-tech cards are presented, the first format is sees it the one it reads.  May vary!  Call or email for better explanation!) 
        In Stock!   Special Price for Old Stock ($950.00

  18   NEW  SWH-4100     Black                    $180.00 ea.
    1   NEW  SWH-4100G  Gray                      $160.00 ea.
        Software House Multi-Technology Flex Reader
   I sometimes have these in surplus at better prices.
   Some with older MFG dates and/or with shabby boxes

14   USED  RM2L-MP Magstripe Reader non-RoHS $850.00 ea. 
  5   USED  RM2-PH   Prox  Reader non-RoHS     $850.00 ea. 
  9   USED  RM1-PH   Prox  Reader non-RoHS         $475.00 ea. 

                                       Star Couplers
New old stock    non-RoHS  Wiegand/Proximity or WPSC
12   Wiegand Prox Star Coupler Lower AS0054-00    $540.00
                                                                     On Sale  $359.00
10   Wiegand Prox Star Coupler Upper  AS0054-01   $490.00 
                                                                    On Sale  $320.00

Used   Non-RoHS (Green Board)
3   Full Star Coupler  AS0020-00  USED  $190.00 

3   Mini-Star Coupler AS0020-01  USED  $160.00
                              Input/Output Modules 
  6    I/8  Input Module    AS0073-000  RoHS                 $275.00   
12    R/8 Output module AS0074-000  RoHS                 $295.00  
  3     I/8  Input Module    AS0073-000  Non-RoHS        $225.00 
         (Old Style GREEN board- no LEDs - Discontinued.  Use to match existing..)   
     The I/8 Input is available in a CSI model  AS0073-CSI which has dip switches that allow you to select various End Of Line (EOL) resistor configurations.  This is a huge time saving   benefit when replacing a non-SWH system that had either unsupervised contacts or contact with other resistance .
  14    I/8  Input Module  AS0073-000-CSI  RoHS               $385.00  

16    R/8 Output module AS0074-000  Non-RoHS            $235.00    
         (Old Style GREEN board- no LEDs - Discontinued. Use to match existing..)  

  3   USED I/8  Input Module AS0073-000  Non-RoHS   $175.00  
15   USED I/8  Input Module AS0073-000  RoHS           $205.00  

                        Obsolete hard to find
                          AS0015  AS0016
6      I/32 AS0015-00 Input Module  (NOS)     $1,500.00  
           Often specified for Nuclear Generating Plants, BLM, ARMY Corps of Engineers, Water Treatment Facilities
The I/32 Supervised Input Module provides additional inputs for monitoring security alarms as well as environmental, fire, and non-security related devices
        (also have 5 used for $950.00 ea) 
1 NEW R/48 output AS0016-00    $1,400.00

3 used R/48 output AS0016-00      $950.00

Please ask about repair, exchange or advance replacements.

Wholesale, Retail - Low Cost Cheap Bargain Discount Sale Price Lowest Price Best Price on Factory Overstock, Surplus, Returns, Refurbished, obsolete, discontinued, Unclaimed Freight (No Damaged Freight) non stock . Compare price and products.  Please call or email me for a quote. If I can't get it through surplus channels, I can tell you how to get in touch with a certified Software House dealer distributor installer in your area.  I am NOT an authorized software house dealer. 

RFB RFQ RFI Bid Opportunities specifications by part numbers
apc8x apcl apc2 rm2ph wspc rm4 module rm4-e rm4e rme4 0311-0206--01
STAR008W-64ANPS   STAR008W-64A
STAR-ACM8-WA  ACM8-WA new stile
STAR-ACM8-W  ACM8-W old style with relay board
Software House I32 I-32 I/32 apC/8X-I/32 AS0015-00 I/32 Nuclear Power Plant
I/8 I8 I-8 input module,  R/8 R-8 R8 O8 O/8 O-8 output module
AS0015  AS0016 AS0020 AS0054 AS0073 AS0074  AS0100-000 AS0100-001 AS0100-004 AS0100-008 AS0100-016  AS0100-000 AS0100-001nps AS0100-004nps AS0100-008nps AS0100-016nps  SWHsurplus surplusSWH surplusAPC FindSurplus SWH SWhouse Tyco - customer technical Support  technical advice installation and operation manuals 
GSA, Forestry, Army Corps of Engineers, nuclear generating stations



     If you need something that is not on my site, please email me with part number and manufacturer and I will see if I can get it.


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