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Northern Computers

This page contains both new and used items.
All of the N1000 are used
If it doesn't say new, it is used.

The new equipment has all been manufactured over 1 year ago and carries NO Manufacturers warranty

NOS stands for New Old Stock and means the items are new in the box, but at least one year old and sometimes several years old.  They will have my 90 Day Warranty.

I Warranty EVERYTHING for 90 days. 

 If you need something that is not on my site, please email me with part number and manufacturer and I will see if I can get it.


                  Honeywell Card Readers NOS  NEW

  32  ea.  OP10  Card Reader                            $49.00
  12  ea.  OP30  Card Reader                            $69.00


                            Northern Computers
                   Northern Equipment   New in Box 
   4 ea        
N-1000-IV-X in White Cabinet                 $1,350.00 ea

                   Northern Equipment   USED

     8 ea        N-1000-II  in Blue Cabinet                        $250.00 ea
     5 ea        N-1000-IV in White Cabinet                      $875.00 ea
    6  ea       N-485-API-2  board                                    $50.00 ea










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