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Folger Adam Electric Strikes
 Please call or email me for a quote.

35% to 40% off list price for Non-Stock Folger Adam or HES strikes ordered from my distributor with full factory warranty.

Deeper Discounts available for New Old Stock Surplus items
The items below are from a closeout of a lockshop or from a cbtractor who ordered the wrong equipment and could not return it. 

12  HES 5000-12/24D-503-630  50% off   $92.00 ea.
These are new in original boxes in perfect condition.
If this is the wrong faceplate for you, I can order the right ones from the factory at additional cost.

Folger Adam 310-3-1 Electric Strike $315.00 ea.
These are new, but the boxes may have writing on them
I have about 60 Folger Adam  310-3-1 Electric Strikes with Brushed Chrome or Stainless Sleel Faceplates.  Most of these have LCBM and DBM options.  A few have Rectifier option and/or Molex Connector options.  These are  brand new and intended to be used with mortise locks to receive a 1" deadbolt.  These normally list for over $900.00 with the options.  My price is $315.00 each.  
The US32D (630) are excellent.  The US26D (626) have finish imperfections from sitting on the shelf.  Photos and discounts available on request.

Here are some other strikes for sale:  Most of the strike body only with LCBM can be purchased for $95.00 each.  Non-LCBM are a little higher. 
These are perfect for replacing your strike if the faceplate is still good.

Folger Adam Faceplate US4 Brass for 310-4-1 Strike                          Qty 5     
Folger Adam Faceplate US4 for 310-3-1 Strike                                     Qty 3     

Electric Strike Body Only without faceplate:     
Folger Adam 310FL-24VDC- PK Replacement Strike Assy              Qty 5     

Folger Adam 310-3/4 FL-24VDC Replacement Strike Assy              Qty 8     

Folger Adam 310-3/4 FS-LCBM 24VDC Replacement Strike            Qty 4

Folger Adam 310-1/2 FL 24VDC Replace Strike                                  Qty 1

Folger Adam 310-3/4 24VDC LCBM Replacement Strike                  Qty 8     

Folger Adam 310-1/2 12VAC LCBM Replace Strike                          Qty 6     

Folger Adam 310-1/2 FL 12VAC Replacement Strike                         Qty  8    

Folger Adam 710-75 24VDC LBM-LCM Replacement Strike            Qty  8

Folger Adam 710-75 24VDC FS Replacement Strike                           Qty 20   

Folger Adam 710-75 24VDC FL Replacement Strike                           Qty 20   

Folger Adam 310-1/2 24VDC LCBM-FL Replacement Strike             Qty 6     

Folger Adam 710 24VDC FS Replacement Strike                                 Qty 14  

Folger Adam 710 12VDC FL Replacement Strike                                 Qty 14    

Folger Adam 710-24 24VDC Fail Locked (FL) Replacement Strike      Qty 8

Folger Adam 710-24VDC Fail Safe (FS) Replacement Strike                Qty 8

Folger Adam Faceplate US3 for 310-2-W Strike                                     Qty 1     

Folger P/N 012-0515-002 less screws

Folger Adam Faceplate US4 for 310-2-W Strike                                     Qty 2     

Folger P/N 012-0515-003 less screws

Folger Adam Faceplate US10B for 310-2 Strike                                      Qty 1     

Folger P/N 076-1924-004 less screws                                                                                   


12 Solenoids  24VDC for 310 Series Fail Secure Strikes   $50.00 each
Ask about other voltages or fail safe.....
Folger Adam Repair Parts and Folger Adam Repair Kits

Folger Adam Solenoid -    
Electrified Locking Hardware       

Wholesale, Retail - Low Cost Cheap Bargain Discount Sale Price Lowest Price Best Price on Factory Overstock, Surplus, Returns, Refurbished, obsolete, discontinued, Unclaimed Freight (No Damaged Freight) non stock .  Please call or email me for a quote. If I can't get it, I can get you in touch with a certified Software House dealer distributor installer in your area.


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