Security-Surplus, LLC
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About Us

Ed Pearlman
Security-Surplus, LLC
3017 W Corrine Dr
Phoenix, AZ 85029
Phone 602-930-8561
Fax      866-636-1777


 Welcome to my site.


I've been in the security business for 30 years and I always look for bargains. I opened this site as a marketplace for bargains.

 If you have new, or near new security equipment that you would like to sell, please contact me. If I can't buy it myself, I may be able to post it on this site.

 If you are looking for a bargain, check out my current listings and let me know if there is a particular item you are searching for. I may have leads to items that are not on the site.

Any prices posted are usually negotiable. I give discounts for large volume purchases.

 Thanks for visiting.

Ed Pearlman






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